SBB Directors

Board of Directors


Emmanuel Adebowale Adesina is a Barrister at Law. He graduated from the University of Lagos, and the Nigeria Law School, Lagos over two decades ago and has been in active legal practice since, specializing in oil and gas, safety laws and litigation. A passionate road safety enthusiast, Barrister Adebowale is also a senior lecturer at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo and a senior pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He has written many books on commercial law and on other areas of the legal profession. 



Osho’s entry into the road safety sector in Nigeria was both divine and dramatic. He was the Corporate Communication Specialist at the Nigerian Law School when by divine direction; he received the inspiration to write a book on “Reducing Road Accidents”. The process of working on the manuscript of the book which was published in 2001 and was well received across Nigeria and other African countries led him into establishing Safety Alliance in 2000. The organization (Safety Alliance) metamorphosed into Safety Beyond Borders in 2011.
He was the convener of the 1st and 2nd Africa Roads Safety Assembly and Traffic Expo in 2005 and 2007. He had travelled across Africa and the entire world in his quest to promote road safety in Africa and the world at large. . He was the initiator of the first Day of Remembrance of Road Accident victims in Nigeria in October 2004. An alumnus of University of Lagos Nigeria and the United States International Leadership Program in Washington DC, Osho is a conference speaker, a public commentator and a life coach. He has participated actively in WHO, UN, UNECA, GTKP, WORLD BANK and SSATP’S road safety programs. Osho is a tireless giver for road safety causes.



Popularly known as Mr. Safety all across Nigeria, Adenusi Patrick is arguably the loudest voice and most passionate soul for traffic safety in Nigeria. Adenusi’s has been actively involved in promoting road safety in Nigeria for nearly two decades. He was the brain behind the introduction of the reflective tapes in Nigeria to reduce night crashes by promoting better visibility. He has traversed nearly the length and breadth of Nigeria championing road safety activities along the deadliest routes in Nigeria. He has also spearheaded several fleet safety campaign initiatives across Nigeria.

An erudite public speaker, a consummate safety professional, a road safety philanthropist of note, a life coach and a terrific radio commentator, Adenusi has attended many conferences and seminars on road safety across the globe. He was an alumnus of the International Road Federation and University of Birmingham’s senior road safety executive course. He was also a participant of the University of South Africa’s course on injury prevention and an alumnus of the Lagos Business School. He has participated in several WHO, UN, and UNECA’S road safety programs.



Folashade Osho was the co-founder of Safety Alliance. As an insurance practitioner with nearly twenty years of experience, she was taken aback by the stupendous economic and social cost of traffic fatalities, a good picture of which was horrendously painted to her from the huge amount of claims paid out by her insurance company to victims of road traffic crashes and injuries.
Rather than join other members of the society to be wondering what could be done, she co-founded Safety Alliance to tackle the problem headlong and for over a decade, she was the co-sponsor of most of the organization’s programs. She was the co-convener of the first Day of Remembrance of Road Accident victims in Nigeria in October 2004. Her passion for promoting road safety is contagious. With nearly 9 months pregnancy, she participated in the 2 Kilometer candle-light procession from the National Center for Women Development to the Nigeria Television Authority’s Headquarters. 



Olufemi Adigun is a young road safety advocate building bridges across generations. A banker by training and by practice, Adigun’s interest in automobiles and their functionality developed his passion to promote road safety in the society. He had worked for some of the best banks in Nigeria in their telecom sector. His experience of the sector inspired his devotion to effectively take advantage of the growing telecom sector in Nigeria to promote road safety ideals. He is the chairman of Pekkyworld Entertainment, a high-tech television, radio and music production studio which sponsors the production of many road safety jingles and commercials.