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Many people still do not see traffic fatalities as an issue worth “making so much noise about” in our world today. These people, as they say find it hard to believe that the ‘one road crash here and another one there’ could aggregate to 3,200 lives lost in road crashes daily and 1.2 million yearly. It is a fact that despite the great distance the road safety advocates worldwide have covered, our cause is still not as popular and as accepted as it should. Continuous awareness through creative and attention grabbing communication campaigns is one way Safety Beyond Borders is spreading road safety awareness.

Safety Beyond Borders is a member of the Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs and an affiliate of the West African Roads Safety Organization (WARSO). Directly or through our affiliate organizations, the impact of SBB road safety activities has reached Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Ethiopia.

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Our Vision
To be a leading voice and an active solution-provider promoting reduction of roadways relatedcrashes, injuries and deaths in Africa and the world.
Since 2006, we have partnered with Roadsafe UK to build road safety collaboration and to share the Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (GTKP) research outcomes and good practices with other roads safety advocates in Nigeria and across the region. We have worked with Roadsafe UK since 2009 to identify and present remarkable road safety activities and achievements of road safety lead agencies in West Africa for the Prince Michel International Road Safety Awards. Our submission for the Federal Roads Safety Commission of Nigeria won the awards in 2009.
Our Mission
To promote reduction in traffic fatalities in Africa and the world through the design, development and execution of innovative evidence-based interventions carried out in partnership with organizations that share the belief that safety is a borderless concern.
Reducing Road Deaths, Through Training and Technology is one of the road safety interventions of the Fund for Global Health in Sub-Sahara Africa. Safety Beyond Borders is proud to be partner in development in FGGH’s quest to reach West Africa with this innovative scheme.
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